Our Process
While our process is proven, it truly becomes a partnership when we merge and become an extension of our client.

Spray and Pray!

Hope for the best!

Give it the old college try!

From the very beginning of working with Ignitec, you will see the difference. The staffing industry has lost its way and we are sure you have seen the problem up close and personal. Dozens and dozens of unqualified resumes flying over to your desktop. You begin reviewing them, but don’t understand what a Sr. Java Developer and a Barista have to do with one another. Okay, that is an extreme urban legend, but I am sure you have looked at resumes sent from staffing firms that you work with where you actually asked yourself, do they have any idea what I am looking for?
You may say, well isn’t that what all staffing firms should be doing, and the answer is “YES.”

But, when was the last time you had a solid qualifying call with a firm? When was the last time that only three (3) candidates were presented and were all quality fits with your role?

The devil is always in the details and we are ready to ignite your hiring success.

Ignite Your Technology Today